Research Policy

One of the key objectives of the RHS is to represent historical research and scholarship within Higher Education and other research institutions. Our Research Policy Committee monitors all issues that affect historians’ research in the UK and maintains regular contacts with the research councils, the funding councils and government. READ MORE


REF2021 Draft Guidance & Criteria Consultation

Draft guidance and criteria on making submissions to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 have been published for consultation. Read more here.

REF2021 History Sub-Panel Announced

REF 2021 is now gearing up with the appointment of the Main and Sub-Panels. Read more here.

Call for Nominations for REF2021 History Sub-Panel

The Royal Historical Society has been invited by HEFCE to nominate sub-panel members for REF2021. You can read more about our call for nominations here.

RHS Submission to REF2021 Consultation

After consulting with historians and their schools and departments across the country, the Royal Historical Society has submitted a response to HEFCE’s consultation on the next Research Excellence Framework. You can read more here.

RHS Analyses of REF2014

The Society has analysed the Impact Case Studies and Research Environments sections of REF2014’s assessment of history units. You can find our full analyses here: impact; research environments.

RHS Response to the Stern Review

Lord Stern’s review of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) issued a call for evidence in January 2016 (read the full call here). The review will have important implications for the scholarly community and for history as a discipline, dealing with the mechanisms for allocating QR (quality-related research funding) and the shape of future REF exercises.  The Royal Historical Society has provided a robust and thoughtful response to Stern’s call, challenging the notion that metrics can be used to measure research quality in the arts and humanities and pointing to the consequences of the present system for our discipline, whilst reflecting on the positive changes to research culture engendered by the REF. Read the Society’s full response here.

RHS Response to AHRC consultation on the future of Doctoral Training Partnerships

AHRC logo GRIn October 2015 the Arts and Humanities Research Council issued a consultation document on the future of its Doctoral Training Partnerships scheme after the current agreements expire. This is obviously a matter of vital importance to the future support of postgraduate research in History as in all Arts and Humanities disciplines. You can read the Royal Historical Society’s submission to the consultation, which ended on 30 November 2015 here.

Freedom of InformationRHS Response on Freedom of Information

The RHS has conducted a brief consultation among academic historians and historical researchers in response to the Call for Evidence by the Independent Commission on Freedom of Information. Mary Vincent has submitted this response from the Royal Historical Society.

Publication of RHS Gender Equality Report

Gender survey - graduation crop2We are very pleased to announce the publication of the RHS Report: Gender Equality and Historians in UK Higher EducationThe report analyses the results, both quantitative and qualitative, of the survey many of you completed last year.  Many thanks to everyone who replied and/or attended one of the workshops we held to discuss the findings. We were delighted to receive over 700 replies, 42% from men, with a good distribution across age, career stage and area of the UK. READ MORE.

History REF panel report

Read the History REF2014 panel report on the nature and quality of submissions here. (Panel D report, pp 50-57)

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