Workshop Grants


In 2022 the Society launched its Workshop Grants programme to enable historians, in the UK and internationally, to come together to discuss and develop historical projects of shared interest.

Workshop Grants, of £1,000 each, enable historians to create and host in-person day-events to consider topics at a level of detail seldom possible at a seminar or conference, or online. Grants may be spent as the organisers require, including venue hire, speakers’ expenses and bursaries for attendees if events are open to the public.

Workshop Grants come in two formats:

Transactions Workshop Grants: enable historians to meet to discuss a shared research project. The workshop will lead to publication of an article (e.g. roundtable, research article, special section) on the topic in the Society’s journal, Transactions of the Royal Historical Society. Further information on this programme is available here.

RHS Workshop Grants: support historians to discuss projects with a wider range of potential outcomes: for example, beginning and testing a research idea; creating new teaching practices; piloting work; writing a grant application; networking, or publishing and communication in other formats. Further information on this programme is available here.

For both strands, we welcome applications not only for new research projects but also disciplinary reviews, studies of historical methods, developments in teaching practice and courses, cross-sector working, or creation of public history projects, among others.

Where possible and suitable, the Society offers its Council Room at University College London for meetings of successful grant applications.

Questions about the Society’s Workshop Grants may be sent to