Apply for RHS Postgraduate Membership

Closing date for next application round:

Monday 6 June 2022


The Postgraduate Membership is a new category for the RHS, launched in November 2021. It is reserved for those studying History, or a cognate subject, at a higher level (from Masters to PhD) in a UK or overseas institution. Postgraduate Members join a group of researchers, many of whom will seek to work in a field relating to History. In creating this new category of membership, the Society recognises the particular experience of higher degree students. The Postgraduate Membership seeks to provide tailored support, for example in training events and grants, to assist students during a degree and immediately afterwards.

Postgraduate Membership is linked to student status and may run for as long as the member is registered for a postgraduate degree and one additional year thereafter. 

From November 2021, the Society also offers an Associate Fellowship for historians who are no longer studying for a further degree but whose career stage and or contribution to history. Some Associate Fellows are historians working in Higher Education who have not yet reached the extent of publications, or equivalent, required to join the full Fellowship. Others contribute to History through their work in sectors such as heritage and museums, libraries and archives, teaching, publishing and broadcasting, or personal research.

These new membership categories – of Associate Fellowship and Postgraduate Membership – replace the previous category of Early Career Membership. Read more about these two new ways to belong to the Society.

To apply for the RHS Postgraduate Membership please use the Society’s Applications Portal, and select your chosen membership category.


Benefits of RHS Postgraduate Membership include:



Annual Subscription

From November 2021, annual subscription rates for Postgraduate Members, payable on appointment, are: 

  • Postgraduates, UK-based and International: £20 pa
  • Postgraduates, Hardship Rate: £10.00 pa (online access to Transactions only)

The RHS subscription year runs July to June with renewals due on 1 July of each year. 

The Postgraduate Hardship Rate is available to unemployed and low income/wage members (self-defined) and includes unfunded/self-funded students.


How to Apply

Prior to making your application, please consult the FAQs relating to Postgraduate Membership.

To apply for the RHS Postgraduate Membership please use the Society’s Applications Portal, and select your chosen membership category.


Applications to join the RHS are welcome through the year. Closing dates for applications and supporting references in 2022 are: Mondays 10 January, 4 April, 6 June, 22 August and 31 October.


All applications are considered by our Membership Committee which meets five times a year. You can expect to hear the outcome approximately eight weeks after the closing date for your application. Incomplete applications will be held on file until we have received all the necessary information.

All enquiries about applying for election to the Fellowship should be addressed to the RHS office: