Apply for RHS Membership

Closing date for next application round:

Monday 10 January 2022


Please note: The Society’s online application system for memberships is offline for redevelopment work in the week commencing Monday 29 November. The service will be available from Monday 6 December.

Applicants who have started but not yet completed an application may do so from Monday 6 December. For any enquiries before 6 December, please email: and mark your email: ‘Applications’.


Membership of the RHS is open to all those who have an interest in the rich and varied world of the past. You may be involved in teaching, libraries, archives, museums, heritage, or the media in either a professional or volunteer capacity. You may be actively engaged in local or family history, or simply want to join our worldwide community of historians. Membership is open to all.

If you are a published historian, our Fellowship category may be more appropriate for you. Many Members are later elected to the Fellowship.

Benefits of RHS Membership


Annual subscription

Annual subscription for Members is £40, payable on election; the RHS subscription year runs July to June with renewals due on 1 July of each year.

How to Apply

To apply for election to the Membership you will need to read the Notes for Applicants.

Once you have read the notes please complete this online Application Form.

Applications to join the RHS are welcome through the year. Closing dates for applications and supporting references in 2022 are: Mondays 10 January, 4 April, 6 June, 22 August and 31 October.


All applications are considered by our Membership Committee who meet five times a year. You can expect to hear the outcome approximately eight weeks after the closing date for your application. Incomplete applications will be held on file until we have received all the necessary information.

All enquiries about applying for election to the Membership should be addressed to the RHS office: