Apply for Membership

Membership of the RHS is open to all those who have an active engagement, professional or otherwise, with historical work. Examples would include those involved in advanced teaching or in the development of educational strategies and resources, librarians, archivists, individuals working in the heritage and media industries, and those engaged professionally in research (including local and family history). Membership of the RHS offers access to a major community of working historians and provides support and encouragement to (as well as representing the interests of) early career scholars. Many Members are later elected to the Fellowship.

Benefits of Membership

  • Copies of Transactions.
  • Copies of the RHS newsletter.
  • All other RHS publications offered at a substantial discount.
  • Regular electronic mailings about the activities of the RHS and our partner organisations.
  • Eligible to participate in all RHS public meetings.

Annual subscription

From 1 July 2019 the annual subscription for Members is £40, payable on election.

How to Apply

To apply for election to the Membership you will need to read the Notes for Applicants.

Once you have read the notes please complete this Application Form.

Closing dates for applications in 2021: 4 January, 22 March, 31 May, 4 October.

All applications are considered by our Membership Committee who meet four times a year. You can expect to hear the outcome approximately eight weeks after the closing date for your application. Incomplete applications will be held on file until we have received all the necessary information.

All enquiries about applying for election to the Membership should be addressed to the Administrative Secretary, Imogen Evans, at: