Gladstone Prize

In honour of the value Gladstone placed on the study of history, the Gladstone Memorial Trust made it possible for the RHS to launch the Gladstone History book prize in 1998 on the centenary of Gladstone’s death. The prize offers an annual award of £1,000 for a work of history on a topic not primarily related to British history that is the author’s first sole book publication.

Donation in support of the Gladstone Prize

Whitfield and Gladstone prize shortlists. READ MOREThe RHS is very pleased to announce that the Linbury Trust has made a donation of £12,500 over five years from 2015 in support of the Gladstone Prize. Many thanks indeed for this generous gift.

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The Society is delighted to announce the award of the Gladstone Prize for 2018 to Matthew S Champion for The Fullness of Time. Temporalities of the Fifteenth-Century Low Countries (University of Chicago Press, 2017)

The judges commented:

The Fullness of Time is a dazzling tour de force.  It investigates the notions of both ‘time’ and ‘fullness’; connecting the emotional and affective significances of time with its structuring functions.  Instead of the traditional narrative of ‘merchant mechanical time’ usurping that of ‘religious sacred time’, the book demonstrates how developments in time-keeping were incorporated into devotions and liturgy. The way that the mysteries of time unfold and are opened up to the reader makes it feel as if another world is being unlocked. Its transdisciplinary approach allows for the blended use of multiple source types – including art, architecture, image, sound, print, text and ritual – facilitating an immersion in the fifteenth century sensory and cultural world.  The text brooks no concessions in terms of its scholarly rigour and references, yet the clarity and flow of the style turn it into a pleasurable read to which all the judges kept wanting to return.

Andrew Arsan, winner of the 2015 Gladstone Prize, discusses what the prize means to him and wider international history.

2019 Gladstone Prize

To be eligible for the prize the book must:

  • be its author’s first solely written history book;
  • be on any historical subject not primarily related to British history;
  • be an original and scholarly work of historical research by an author who received their doctoral degree from a British or Irish university;
  • have been published in English during the calendar year 2018.

Publishers are invited to nominate their books. (Please note authors cannot submit their own work.) For further information on how to enter, please refer to the Guidelines.

Closing date for entries: 31 December 2019

Past Gladstone prize winners

All enquiries about the Prize should be addressed to the Administrative Secretary, Imogen Evans, at: