Advocacy & Policy

The Royal Historical Society represents the interests of History and historians, of all kinds, via a programme of advocacy and policy research. The higher education, publishing, technological and cultural landscapes, within which much of our work is situated, have changed rapidly over the past decade.

The need for historians to be supported, and for History to be understood and practised well, is more important than ever.

Our Advocacy Work

The RHS represents historians and History on a range of levels: individual, departmental, sector and discipline. Much of our Advocacy work¬†occurs ‘behind the scenes’. The Society also works with partner organisations in making public statements in support of the historical profession and to champion History as a discipline.

Our Policy Work

Our research and policy programme is similarly responsive to the environment in which historians work. Much of this work takes place via established RHS committees that monitor, respond to, and shape developments in Education and teaching; the Research environment in HE, including data protection; and Publications, with a particular focus on developments in Open Access publishing.

Later this year the RHS Council will also establish a post responsible for Professional Engagement, to better support historians (in and outside HE) with training, skills and career development.

The RHS has also undertaken studies to facilitate and support work towards greater equality, inclusion and representation in historical practice, research and teaching. This work was undertaken by Working Groups that produced significant reports and resources on Gender Equality; Race, Ethnicity and Equality; and LGBT+ Equality within the profession, published between 2015 and 2020.