• REPRESENTS history as a discipline and historians as a group.
  • PROMOTES the vitality of historical scholarship through support for research and publication.
  • ADVOCATES best practice in history teaching in universities and schools.
  • PROVIDES a forum for all historians to meet and exchange ideas.
  • SUPPORTS and encourages early career historians.
  • ENCOURAGES, facilitates and supports work towards greater equality, inclusion and representation in historical practice, research and teaching.

Latest from the Blog

Can we unlearn imperialism in photographic research?

How should historians engage with the source materials that record and communicate empire from the perspective of imperial rule? Are there ways of working with sources that enable researchers to free themselves from the intellectual constraints imposed by historical imagery and its categorisation? Maria Creech explores her methodological approach to 'unlearning' imperialism.

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‘Positive Action’ workshop for early-career historians of colour

In August of this year, the Society organised its first ‘positive action’ workshop for early-career historians of colour. The initiative was led by the RHS's Race, Ethnicity and Equality Working Group which was responsible for the RHS's Race Report (2018). Here, Dr Diya Gupta and Dr Jonathan Saha explain the motivations for the workshop, and reflect on the outcomes of what's hoped will be the first in a programme of focused training events.

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Facing current challenges can be a vital part of our curriculum

Earlier this year, historians at Aston University faced the threat of programme and department closures. Here Dr Ilaria Scaglia recounts her response and that of the wider community. Though prompted by crisis, forceful advocacy for programmes can, Ilaria argues, foster greater appreciation of history's value and of mutual support between historians, teachers and students.

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