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Latest from the Blog

‘Aristocracy, Democracy, and Dictatorship’: Latest RHS Camden Volume

Twenty years after first using the political papers of Charles Vane-Tempest-Stewart, seventh Marquess of Londonderry, Professor Neil Fleming has recently published his scholarly edition of Londonderry’s political papers -- 'Aristocracy, Democracy and Dictatorship' -- as the latest volume in the Society's Camden Series. The seventh Marquess of Londonderry (1878–1949) corresponded with the leading political figures of his day, including Winston Churchill (his second cousin) and Neville Chamberlain. Londonderry’s controversial amateur diplomacy meant that his regular correspondents also included Hermann Göring and Joachim von Ribbentrop.

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Poets Laureate of the Long Eighteenth Century: Courting the Public

To coincide with publication of his new monograph - 'The Poets Laureate of the Long Eighteenth Century, 1668-1813. Courting the Public' - Dr Leo Shipp charts the rise and role of the laureateship from John Dryden to the appointment of Robert Southey. The laureateship was positioned at the interface of court and public, and evolved in line with changing concepts of court culture. Studying the laureateship reveals the court's enduring prominence and adaptability as a site of cultural activity in late Stuart and Hanoverian Britain. Leo's book is the 14th title in the Society’s 'New Historical Perspectives' series for early career historians.

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Providing for the Poor: micro-histories of poverty

Dr Louise Falcini and Dr Peter Collinge introduce their new essay collection 'Providing for the Poor: The Old Poor Law, 1750-1834', the research for which is supported by the AHRC-funded project 'Small Bills and Petty Finance: co-creating the Old Poor Law'. Peter and Louise's edited collection, published in late August 2022, is the 13th title in the Society’s New Historical Perspectives book series for early career historians.

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