• REPRESENTS history as a discipline and historians as a group.
  • PROMOTES the vitality of historical scholarship through support for research and publication.
  • ADVOCATES best practice in history teaching in universities and schools.
  • PROVIDES a forum for all historians to meet and exchange ideas.
  • SUPPORTS and encourages early career historians.
  • ENCOURAGES, facilitates and supports work towards greater equality, inclusion and representation in historical practice, research and teaching.

Latest from the Blog

Royal Historical Society Prizes & Awards, 2022

The Society's annual Prizes and Awards were announced on Friday 22 July. This post provides details of winners and runners-up for 2022, including the Society's Gladstone and Whitfield Prizes for first monographs, as well as other awards for research, publishing and teaching. The awards also include the Society's four Centenary and Marshall Fellows who'll be completing their PhDs in 2022-23 at the Institute of Historical Research.

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What is History For? 4: Afterlives and Memory

Dr Thomas Brodie considers afterlives, with reference to a post-war group of Jewish scholars - 'Oneg Shabbat' - and its archival work to memorialise the experiences of Holocaust victims. As Thomas argues, history serves a purpose beyond scholarship. For many it is a moral duty to document the lived experiences of the past and present: in order that its legacies are grounded in knowledge and truth.

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George W. Prothero: life and legacy, 1922-2022

10 July 2022 marks the centenary of the death of George W. Prothero, historian, editor and President of the Society between 1901 and 1905. A prominent member of the RHS in its formative years—and especially the early twentieth century move to professionalisation within the discipline—Prothero’s presence and influence endures, not least with the Society's annual Prothero Lecture delivered each July.

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