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  • PROMOTES the vitality of historical scholarship through support for research and publication.
  • ADVOCATES best practice in history teaching in universities and schools.
  • PROVIDES a forum for all historians to meet and exchange ideas.
  • SUPPORTS and encourages early career historians.
  • ENCOURAGES, facilitates and supports work towards greater equality, inclusion and representation in historical practice, research and teaching.

Latest from the Blog

Becoming a Historian: an Informal Guide

How do we undertake a major historical research project for the first time? In their new book, 'Becoming a Historian', Penelope J. Corfield and Tim Hitchcock consider the steps and skills required, and how to manage the challenges of research. Supportive, pragmatic and 'informal', this is a guide shaped by its authors' long-standing commitment to scholarly community and to training the next generation of historians.

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REF 2021: Reflections from the History sub-panel chairs

The results of the latest Research Excellence Framework (REF2021) were published on 12 May 2022. Professors Mark Jackson and Margot Finn -- respectively chair and deputy chair of the History sub-panel for REF2021 -- offer an overview of this latest review, its headline findings for History, and their reflections on disciplinary developments since REF2014.

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Parades and Power in Early Modern Japan

In her new article for 'Transactions of the Royal Historical Society', Professor Rebekah Clements explores the complexities of political sovereignty in early modern Japan through the practice of 'alternate attendance'. Long understood as statements of a shogun central power, parades also served regional lords and their communities as opportunities to confirm mutual dependence in maintaining local hierarchies of political authority.

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