Transactions Workshop Grants


Transactions Workshop Grants enable historians to meet for a day to discuss a shared research project. The workshop will lead to publication of an article (e.g. roundtable, research article, special section) on the topic in the Society’s journal, Transactions of the Royal Historical Society. Each Workshop receives £1000 from the Royal Historical Society to cover attendance and the costs of a day meeting.

Recipients are selected in conjunction with the journal’s co-editors, Harshan Kumarasingham and Kate Smith. Successful applicants work with the co-editors to develop the outcomes of their Workshops for publication: as articles, roundtables, collections of concise essays or short special issues.

Published content furthers the aims of Transactions‘ co-editors and editorial boards to provide journal content that is topical, geographically and chronologically wide-ranging, and the work of historians at all career stages.

Grant Recipients for 2023

Created in late 2022, nine Transactions Workshop Grants have now been awarded in two rounds. The following recipients from these calls will hold their workshops in 2023:

Round 1

  • ’80 Years of the Bengal Famine (1943): Decolonial Dialogues from the Global South’ — lead organisers: Priyanka Basu and Ananya Jahanara Kabir (King’s College London)
  • ‘Transnational Activism in a Divided World: the Regional within the Global’ — lead organisers: Daniel Laqua (Northumbria) and Thomas Davies (City, University of London)
  • ‘The Future of Our Past: Where is Environmental History Heading?’ — lead organiser: Alexander Hibberts (Durham)
  • ‘Parliamentary Culture in Colonial Contexts, c.1500–c.1700’ — lead organisers: Paul Seaward (History of Parliament Trust), Pauline Kewes (Oxford) and Jim Van der Meulen (Ghent)

Round 2

  • ‘The Myth of Barter. Perspectives from the Global Middle Ages’ — lead organiser: Nick Evans (Leeds)
  • ‘Labour Pains: Mothers and Motherhood on the Left in the Twentieth Century’ — lead organisers: Lyndsey Jenkins (Queen Mary, University of London) and Charlotte Riley (Southampton)
  • ‘Unofficial Diplomats: East Mediterranean Archaeologists and Britain’s Imperial Project’ — lead organiser: Anna Kelley (St Andrews)
  • ‘Game Studies and History’ — lead organiser: Gavin Schwartz-Leeper (Warwick)
  • ‘Collective Reflections on Oral Histories of Pakistan’s Women Constitution Makers’ — lead organisers: Mahnaz Shujrah and Maryam S. Khan (Institute of Development and Economic Solutions, Lahore)

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