Society launches new toolkit ‘Supporting History Teaching and Research in UK Universities’

25 May 2022

A number of UK History departments have recently been faced with, or are experiencing, cuts to programmes and staff, or mergers with other disciplines.

As part of its advocacy role, the Royal Historical Society works with historians and heads of department who face significant change to their professional lives. Some of this work is ‘behind the scenes’ in communication with departments and university managers. Other aspects of this role include the provision of commentaries and resources to support historians, as best we can.

We have now brought these resources together as a toolkit ‘Supporting History Teaching and Research in UK Universities’.



This is a ‘work in progress’ and we welcome proposals from colleagues for additional information, especially from those who have – or are – experiencing cuts to staffing, research and teaching provision in their departments. To offer suggestions, please email the Society’s Academic Director. All communication is confidential and will not be disclosed by the Society.



The Society also has a confidential list of historians in UK Higher Education who are willing to speak to colleagues now facing treats to teaching or research in their departments. If you wish to be put in touch, in confidence, with colleagues from other departments, please get in touch. Please also contact us if you would like to offer your experience and advice, in confidence, to others. 

The Society is very grateful to those who have already offered their time and expertise in helping to prepare these resources.