Membership – Notes for Applicants

1. Membership of the RHS allows individuals who are not Fellows of the Society but who have a professional involvement, teaching role or engagement with historical work to keep abreast of the Society’s activities and to benefit from many of the privileges of the Fellowship.

2. Membership is particularly appropriate for:

a) early career academics;

b) individuals involved in advanced teaching or in the development of educational strategies and resources;

c) archivists and history librarians;

d) individuals working in heritage and media industries;

e) private individuals engaged professionally in historical research (including local and family history).

3. Individuals who are elected to the Membership of the Society may subsequently apply for election to the Fellowship. If you feel that you may meet the criteria for election to the Fellowship, you do not need to be a current Member in the first instance. In cases where an applicant for Membership seems to the Committee clearly to meet the criteria for Fellowship, he or she will be invited to submit a full application for election as such. (Note: The privilege of using the title ‘FRHistS’ is restricted to Fellows only, and there is no equivalent title for Members.)

4. Applications may be submitted at any time during the year. They will be considered at the following meeting of the Membership Committee. The Committee’s recommendations pass for ratification to the Society’s Council. Applicants will be informed once a decision has been made.

5. The current annual subscription for Membership is £40, which is payable on election. Please do not send payment with your application.

6. All enquiries about applying for election to the Membership should be addressed to the Administrative Secretary, Imogen Evans, at:

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