Gerald Aylmer Seminar, 2021

New Ways to Work: future directions for archival and historical practice

10.00 – 13.30 BST, Friday 17 September 2021


The Gerald Aylmer Seminar 2021: co-organised by the Royal Historical Society, the National Archives and the Institute of Historical Research


Final Programme

The events of the past 18 months have fundamentally changed how, as archivists and historians, we now work—individually and collaboratively.

In this year’s Gerald Aylmer Seminar, we invite archivists and historians of all kinds to come together to take stock of the extent, implications and future of these changes.

Under the theme of ‘New Ways to Work: future directions for archival and historical practice’, we want to consider how archivists and historians are working now, having been forced to make difficult decisions, to adapt and often to innovate in what we do and how we engage with one another. But in addition to looking at what’s changed, we are also looking to future ways of working: how do we best move forward in a relationship that won’t ‘return to normal’.

The Gerald Aylmer Seminar is an annual one-day symposium jointly convened by and the Royal Historical SocietyThe National Archives and the Institute of Historical Research. The purpose of the Gerald Aylmer Seminar is to bring together historians and archivists to discuss topics of mutual interest, particularly the nature of archival research and the use of collections.

Watch the event

Nine short presentations from 3 panels on: ‘The history of now’, ‘Being inclusive’ and ‘Working Together’

Image Credit: The National Archives, Mechanical flying machine, COPY 1/464 (34).