The Centre for Printing History and Culture: Women in Print I Book Launch

Date / time: 16 February, 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

This event marks the publication of Women in Print 1: Design and Identities

This edited volume demonstrates women’s multi-layered contribution to design, printing and publishing history through eleven case studies of women artists, compositors, editors, engravers, photographers, printers, publishers, scribes, stationers, typesetters, widows in business, and writers. It offers an examination of women as active participants and contributors in the many and varied aspects of design and print culture, including the production of illustrations, typefaces, periodical layouts, photographic prints and bound volumes.

Women have often participated in design and print culture throughout history, yet their impact has typically been neglected and undervalued, or deliberately obscured from historical accounts. This collection of essays covers, and recovers, the lives and work of women in print, emphasizing how their contributions brought positive change not only to the industries they contributed to, but also to the wider social and cultural settings of their time.

Confirmed Programme

Part 1: Introductions

Series Editors: Prof. Caroline Archer Parré, Dr Malcolm Dick, Dr John Hinks
Volume Editors: Dr Artemis Alexiou, Dr Rose Roberto

Part 2: Presentations

Letitia Byrne (1779– 1849) and the ‘Prejudice Against Employing Women as Engravers’
Dr Hannah Lyons (Curator at Royal Museums Greenwich, UK)

The Olive Branch and Female Compositors, Writers and Editors, 1836–57
Dr Dianne Roman (Retired Fine Arts and Design Professor, USA)

‘Choice Type’ and ‘Elegant Founts’: Advertising in Elizabeth Heard’s Truro Printing Office
Dr Patricia Thomas (Honorary Research Associate, Massey University, New Zealand)

Examples of Art Workmanship: The Victoria and Albert Museum’s Educational Publishing Initiative and Its Female Institutional Photographer
Erika Lederman (PhD student at De Montfort University and the V&A, UK; Cataloguer of Photographs at the V&A, UK)


Late Nineteenth-Century Periodical Texts and Paratexts: The Women’s Penny Paper/ Woman’s Herald (1888–92)
Dr Artemis Alexiou (Senior Lecturer in Design Studies & Design History, York St John University, UK)

Elizabeth Corbet Yeats: Dun Emer and Cuala Presses and Irish ‘Art Printing’, 1903– 40
Dr Angela Griffith (Assistant Professor, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

Beatrice Warde, May Lamberton Becker and ‘Books Across the Sea’
Jessica Glaser (PhD student at Birmingham City University Honorary Research Fellow, University of Wolverhampton)


Concluding Remarks

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