Humanity and Technology: In Conversation with Jo Guldi

Date / time: 8 July, 3:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Humanity and Technology: In Conversation with Jo Guldi


Living with Machines invites you to join us for two events with Professor Jo Guldi, where you will hear first hand from one of the world’s leading digital humanists. During this event, you will get insights into recently published historical research on global land rights and land reform and understand more about how the humanities is an area of extreme potential for growth in data science.

Event 1

Jo warns of an age of pseudo-history promoted by GPT-3 and easy algorithms, fuelling nationalism and populism. Jo will contrast the naive use of algorithms with “hybrid knowledge,” the exciting domain where data-driven analysis of large-scale textual repositories meets critical thinking from the humanities and social sciences. This event is suited for a cross-disciplinary audience.

Event 2

Jo will present on her latest book, The Long Land War, which tells a story as old as human history: the global struggle over food, water, land, and shelter. The Long Land War focuses on technology and expertise. This event is open to the public.

This event is organised by The Alan Turing Institute, Living with Machines and the British Library. This event is virtual and free to attend.

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