German Historical Institute Seminars Spring 2017

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Date / time: 24 January - 14 March, 5:30 pm

German Historical Institute, London

German Historical Institute Seminars Spring 2017

Seminars Spring 2017

All Seminars commence at 5.30pm in the Seminar Room (unless otherwise indicated) 

24 January 2017:  Andreas Ranft (Halle) Luther and the German Princes

1 February 2017:  Martin H Geyer (Munich)  Writing the History of Financial Scandals and Capitalism in the Interwar Period

7 February Antje Fluchter (Bielefeld)  Temporalization of Cutural Difference: Time Regime and the Perception of Indian Statehood in Early Modern German Travelogues

14 February 2017, 6.30pm: Mark Chinca and Christopher Young (Cambridge) The Mythification of Charlemagne: An Introduction to and Reading from the Kaiserchronik

28 February 2017:  Richard Reid (London)  Mourning and Glory: Emotions and the Historical Imaginary in Africa and Europe

9 March 2017: Britta Schilling (Utrecht)  Germany’s Colonial Material

14 March 2017: Jo Fox (Durham)  Careless Tallk?  Rumour and the Second World War