Culture, Things, and Empire

Date / time: 2 December - 19 May, 3:00 pm

Culture, Things, and Empire



December 2020 – May 2021

Generously funded by the AHRC Midlands4Cities DTP

In the wake of current events, discussions around Britain’s imperial past, its postcolonial present, and its multicultural future have never been more important. Suddenly countless news stories have emerged over the past few months across the globe reporting on topics of race and colonialism, which have specifically sought out the views of academics and researchers. This series will contribute to the emerging and vibrant research culture in the humanities that has recently shifted into the virtual world. It will bring together researchers from across the globe to exchange ideas in interdisciplinary discussions about pertinent issues relating to race, gender, class, and materiality in the fields of imperial, colonial and global studies.

We are delighted to announce that registration is now open. Our first series contains six seminars, each one based on a particular theme: landscape, travel, drugs, materials, communication, and (agri)culture. These seminars will take place every month consecutively between December 2020 and May 2021. Each speaker will present their 10 minute paper followed by a response to both papers by their respondents. Group discussion, questions and comments will take place in the time remaining.

Please use the Eventbrite links below to see more details about the speakers, register your attendance at each seminar, and receive the Zoom links. Our inaugural seminar is ‘Landscape’ on Wednesday 2nd December 2020, 5-6pm. All welcome but registration for each of the 6 seminars is essential.

Landscape (2nd December 2020, 5-6pm GMT) James Watts & Molly McCullers

Travel (20th January 2021, 5-6pm GMT) Ankita Das & Andrew Schumacher Bethke

Drugs (17th February 2021, 5-6pm GMT) Jamie Banks & Eva Ward

Materials (17th March 2021, 5-6pm GMT) Lily Crowther & Tamar Rozett

Communication (21st April 2021, 5-6pm GMT) Liz Egan & Sebastian Rose

(Agri)culture (19th May 2021, 2-3pm GMT) Malarvizhi Jayanth & Matt Plishka

Details and programme for series 2 coming soon!

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