Chartism Day 2024 – CALL FOR PAPERS

Date / time: 19 April, All day

Chartism Day 2024 - CALL FOR PAPERS


Chartism Day Conference | University of Reading | 7 September 2024

Call for Papers, deadline – 19 April 2024

The annual Chartism Day Conferences were launched at the University of Birmingham in September 1995 by the renowned Chartist historian Dorothy Thompson (1923-2011). Apart from the disruption caused by the Covid pandemic, the conferences, which are endorsed by the Society for the Study of Labour History [SSLH], have been held in a variety of locations in England, Wales, Ireland and France every year since, bringing together established academics, postgraduate researchers and members of the public who all share a common interest in the history of the Chartist movement.

As well as a strong contingent of labour historians, Chartism Day brings together a broad spectrum of academics from the diverse fields of arts and humanities. It is this dynamic interchange between scholars working in an interdisciplinary environment that gives the event its distinctively friendly and productive character.

Our next conference will be held at the University of Reading, hosted by Professor David Stack and themed to commemorate Dorothy Thompson’s impressive scholarship. Although we are inviting proposals on any aspect of Chartism, we would particularly welcome papers which closely engage with Dorothy’s special interests. Proposals might usefully focus on

• Radicalism and political reform
• Class and Chartism
• Gender and women’s participation in Chartism
• The Irish dimension
• Feargus O’Connor /Chartist leadership
• The Land Plan

Presenters can choose to deliver full length (30-45 mins) or shorter papers (15 mins). Shorter papers could also be a contribution to our regular ‘Chartist Lives’ feature which offers brief biographical sketches of lesser-known Chartists, or be an analysis of a related document or artefact.

In all instances, we are calling for brief abstracts of no more than around 350 words to be submitted by 19 April 2024.

Please send abstracts to the co-convenors:
Joan Allen &
Richard Allen

Further information about this year’s Chartism Day will be added to the website address here in due course.