Being Human Festival 2024: Call for Applications (Funding available!)

Date / time: 12 April, 12:00 am

Being Human Festival 2024: Call for Applications (Funding available!)


Being Human Festival is the UK’s national festival of the humanities. Each year we invite researchers and staff from universities and research organisations to take part in our national festival by organising a public engagement event or activity, rooted in humanities research.

This year’s festival will take place 7–16 November, with the theme ‘Landmarks’, honouring the fact that it’s the festival’s 10th anniversary.

You can either apply for a grant to enable activities as part of the festival, or you can apply to hold an event without funding from the festival.

  • Institutional grants: £4,000–£8,000 to organise a Festival Hub (Deadline: Friday 12 April)
  • Festival Event grants: up to £4,000 to organise a single event or multiple events (Deadline: Friday 12 April)
  • Festival Event: organise a festival event that does not require funding from Being Human (Deadline: Friday 7 June)

Further details, and answers to some frequently asked questions, are available on our website: