BALH ‘Meanwhile Nearby’ historical resource – call for contributors

18 March 2021

BALH is currently in discussions with education experts at the University of Reading to develop an exciting new education resource for local history, and we are reaching out to our members and member societies for your help and expertise.

‘Meanwhile Nearby’ is a fantastic resource that allows teachers to bring more local history into the classroom, by getting pupils to research (and then discuss in class) local history that was happening at the same time as the topics that they are studying in their taught curriculum. BALH is now teaming up with this project, to provide expertise and support for teachers across the country.

To accomplish this, we are looking for volunteers from amongst our members to help to identify stories and locate resources which could be used to build a ‘Meanwhile Nearby…’ resource.

A list of potential projects has already been identified, and we are looking for contributions in the following areas:

– London in the Industrial Revolution (particularly the Clapham area)

– The impact of the Industrial Revolution in the Cotswolds

– The slave trade and local landowners in Northumberland

– Working women in Derry (NI) in the Industrial Revolution.

This resource will be hosted on BALH’s new educational resources web section and used by teachers across the country.

If you feel you might be able to help BALH in this exciting new collaboration

Please get in touch with Claire Kennan at

More information and example resources can be found at

We look forward to hearing from you!!