Recordings of RHS Monograph Publishing Event Now Available

The recordings of our recent RHS training workshop on ‘Getting Published: A Guide to Monograph Publishing for Early Career Historians’ are now available. The event brought together publishers, series editors, academics and early career historians to demystify the process of monograph publishing and provide practical advice and tips on how best to succeed.

The event was recorded on Friday 14 June 2024.

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Listen to the Event

You can also watch and listen to this, and many other, Society lectures and panel discussions via the RHS Events Archive.

Join us next for the Society’s 2024 Prothero Lecture


In this year’s RHS Prothero Lecture, Peter Frankopan (Professor of Global History at the University of Oxford) will ask what is global history; should historians think globally – and is it even possible to do so? How does macro-history fit alongside microhistories and regional and periodic specialisations; and what do these questions mean for the teaching of history at school and university?

In a wide-ranging lecture that will include examples from Mesopotamia to the Indus Valley, from Mesoamerica and the Classic Maya period to the ages of the Silk Roads, Professor Frankopan will talk about the problems of traditional periodisation and regionalisation and show how global history can be instructive and helpful from teaching at primary school level to high-level academic research to public history.

The RHS Prothero Lecture is followed, from 8.00pm, by the Society’s Annual Summer Party at Mary Ward House, London. The Society’s annual summer party is an opportunity for historians to meet together and to speak with members of the Society’s Council. All lecture attendees are warmly welcome to join us for the party after the Prothero Lecture.

6.30pm BST, Wednesday 3 July 2024 in person, at Mary Ward House, London.
Royal Historical Society Prothero Lecture, 2024: ‘On the Challenges and Purposes of Global History’
Speaker: Peter Frankopan (Oxford)
Booking for in-person and online attendance for this Lecture is now available.