Recording of Clare Anderson’s RHS-GHIL Global History Lecture Now Available

23 February 2024

The recording is now available of Clare Anderson’s recent Global History Lecture, co-hosted by the Royal Historical Society and the German Historical Institute, London. The RHS / GHIL Lecture is a new annual event to showcase current research on global historical themes.

We are very grateful to Professor Clare Anderson (University of Leicester) for giving the inaugural lecture in this series. Clare’s lecture, ‘Convicts, Creolization and Cosmopolitanism: aftermaths of penal transportation in the British Empire’, took place at the German Historical Institute, London, on Tuesday 23 January.

In this lecture, Clare considered the personal legacies of convict transportation in three sites and societies: Australia, the state of Penang in Malaysia, and the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean. For each, Clare is conducting research with citizens who have discovered transported convicts as ancestors through their genealogical research.

The lecture explored historians’ ability to trace the aftermath of penal transportation in the very different environments of Australia, which is rich in archives, and Penang where some 5,000 transported convicts have left scant written record and legacies are now dependent on oral and material culture. Clare’s lecture concluded with a study of official and unofficial memorialisation of transported convicts, and the place of governments in shaping official presentations of the past.

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