RHS David Berry Prize Past Winners

1937 G. Donaldson, MA, ‘The polity of the Scottish Reformed Church c.1460- 1580, and the rise of the Presbyterian movement’.

1940 No essays submitted this year.

1943 Rev. Prof. A.F. Scott Parson, DTh, DLitt, ‘Anglo-Scottish religious relations, 1400- 1600’.

1946 No award made for this year.

1949 T. Bedford Franklin, MA, FRSE, ‘Monastic agriculture in Scotland, 1440-1600’.

1952 No award made for this year.

1955 W.A. McNeill, MA, “‘Estaytt” of the king’s rents and pensions, 1621’.

1958 Prof. Mauricc Lcc, PhD, ‘Maitland of Thirlestane and the foundation of the Stewartdespotism in Scotland’.

1961 No award made for this year.

1964 M.H. Merriman, ‘Scottish collaborators with England during the Anglo-Scottish war, 1543-1550’.

1967 Miss M.H.B. Sanderson, ‘Catholic recusancy in Scotland in the sixteenth century’.

1970 Athol Murray, MA, LLB, PhD, ‘The Comptroller, 1425-1610’.

1973 J. Kirk, MA, PhD, ‘Who were the Melvillians: A study in the Personnel and Background of thePresbyterian Movement in late Sixteenth-century Scotland’.

1976 A. Crant, BA, DPhil, ‘The Development of Scottish Peerage’.

1979 – 1984 No awards.

1985 Rev. G. Mark Dilworth, ‘The Commendator System in Scotland’.

1988 J. Goodare, ‘Parliamentary Taxation in Scotland, 1560-1603’.

1991 M.H. Brown, “‘That Old Serpent and Ancient of Evil Days”: Walter, Earl of Atholl, and theMurder of James I’.

1994 No award made for this year.

1997 Tim Thornton, ‘Scotland and the Isle of Man, c.1400-c.1625’

1998 C.A. Blake, ‘Stuart Policy and Scottish Mercenaries n the Thirty Years War’

1999 Elizabeth Ewan, ‘Many injurious words: defamation and gender in late medieval Scotland’.

2000 Fraser MacDonald, ‘St. Kilda and the Sublime’.

2001 Elizabeth Buettner BA, MA, ‘Haggis in the Raj: Private and Public Celebrations of Scottishnessin Late Imperial India’.

2002 Dauvit Broun BA, PhD, ‘The Absence of Regnal Years for the Dating Clause of Charters of Kings of Scots, 1195-1222’.

2003 Mike Lyon, ‘”Better that bairns should weep than bearded men” the Raid of Ruthven (1582) and the Master of Glamis’

2004 Dr J. Clare L. Jackson MA, MPhil., PhD, ‘ “Assize of Error” and the independence of the criminal jury in restoration Scotland.’

2005 Dr Alec Ryrie, ‘Congregations, conventicles and the nature of early Scottish Protestantism’

2006 No award made for this year

2007 Mark Towsey, ‘An Infant Son to Truth Engage’ Virtue, responsibility and self-improvement inthe reading of Elizabeth Rose of Kilvarock, 1747-1815’ in Journal of the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society, 2 (2007)

2008 Gordon Pentland, ‘”Betrayed by infamous spies?” The commemoration of Scotland’s “Radical War” of 1820’, Past and Present (2008)

2009 Sandip Hazareesingh, ‘Interconnected synchronicities: the production of Glasgow and Bombay as modern global ports c. 1850-1880’ in Journal of Global History, 4 (2009)

2010 Alasdair Raffe, ‘Presbyterians and Episcopalians: The Formation of Confessional Cultures in Scotland, c. 1660 – 1715’, in English Historical Review, 125 (2010), pp. 570-98

2011 Aaron M Allen, Conquering the Suburbs: Politics and Work in Early Modern Edinburgh’ in Journal of Urban History, 37(3) (2011), pp. 423-443

2012 Sarah Tebbit, ‘Papal pronouncements on legitimate lordship and the formulation ofnationhood in early fourteenth-century Scottish writings’

2013 Jimmi Ostergaard Nielsen and Stuart Ward, ‘Cramped and Restricted at Home?” Scottish Separatism at Empire’s End’

From this point the prize is awarded for and presented in the year following submission.

2015 Naomi Lloyd-Jones, ‘Liberalism, Scottish Nationalism and the Home Rule Crisis, c.1886-93′, English Historical Review (2014) 129 (539): 862-887.

2016 Karin Bowie, ‘Public, People and Nation in Early Modern Scotland‘.

2017 Malcolm Petrie, ‘Fear of a “Slave State”: Individualism, Libertarianism, and the Rise of Scottish Nationalism c.1945-c.1979.’

2018 Katie Barclay, ‘Love and Friendship between Lower Order Scottish Men: Or What the History of Emotions Has Brought to Early Modern Gender History’, in Elise Dermineur, Virginia Langum, and Åsa Karlsson Sjögren (eds), Revisiting Gender in European History, 1400-1800 (Routledge, 2018), 121-144.

2019 Philip Loft, ‘Litigation, the Anglo-Scottish Union, and the House of Lords as the High Court,1660-1875’, Historical Journal, 61 (2018), 943-967.

2020 Scott Dempsey, ‘Legitimating Edward I’s Adjudication of the Scottish Succession: Two Notes on the Great Cause’.

2021 Stuart McManus, ‘Scots at the Council of Ferrara-Florence and the Background to the Scottish Renaissance’, The Catholic Historical Review, 106: 3 (Summer 2020), 347-370.

2022 Cameron Maclean, ‘The Scottish Post-Union Copper Coinage of James VI: New Evidence’, British Numismatic Journal (Vol. 91, 2021)