Coming soon: Levi Roach on the remaking of medieval Europe

26 January 2024


In the modern 21st century we’ve become increasingly aware of the legacies of empire, and of how these large-scale, ambitious political constructions and projects continue to live on, at least in terms of their after-effects long after their formal structures have dissolved or have been superseded.
I wish to offer a somewhat similar perspective, on developments in a much earlier period in the early to central Middle Ages.


Join us at 6pm on Thursday 1 February for the next event the Society’s 2024 programme when Professor Levi Roach (University of Exeter) speaks to the Society on Charting Authority after Empire: Documentary Culture and Political Legitimacy in Post-Carolingian Europe’.

What happens with a former empire breaks apart, giving rise to new kingdoms and dynasties in England, France and Germany? What did these new states draw from the former empire, and what can comparative research tell us about the importance of these legacies? And just how lasting are these early medieval legacies, and where might we see them in 21st century Europe?

Levi’s lecture takes place in-person at Mary Ward House, 5-7 Tavistock Place, London, WC1H 9SN and online. Booking is available for both options. We look forward to welcoming to this exploration of medieval Europe and its legacies.