Psychological Trauma and the Roman Empire – LECTURE

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Date / time: 24 July, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Royal Armouries Museum

Psychological Trauma and the Roman Empire - LECTURE


Over the past decade, historians have slowly come to understand more and more about the psychology of ancient societies such as Greece and Rome. In this lecture, doctoral candidate Adam Aderman explores the previously under-examined field of trauma among the Romans, from warfare to daily life. He asks not if the Romans experienced psychological trauma, but under what conditions they did so, and how did the Romans themselves react to trauma?

Drawing on the latest research, the talk connects modern advances in mental health to the experiences of Roman people, as expressed in literature, poetry, and histories. It investigates the relevant aspects of Roman culture to determine Roman ideologies of mental health and trauma. In doing so, it sheds a novel light on the daily lives of Romans to highlight their psychological experiences as well as their practical ones. If you think you know the Romans, this talk will open new avenues; if you don’t know the Romans, this is an excellent place to begin.

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