Charlie Rozier: ‘Depicting Historical time in Anglo-Norman Manuscripts’ – LECTURE

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Date / time: 1 May, 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Lambeth Palace Library

Charlie Rozier: 'Depicting Historical time in Anglo-Norman Manuscripts' - LECTURE


This talk will attempt to answer a single, fundamental question: how does a medieval scribe draw time?

Specifically, the talk aims to consider how decisions regarding the placement of historical text on the pages of the codex were effective in communicating the passage of historical time to their readers, according to the purposes of the text. Discussion focuses on examples from a corpus of historical texts and chronicles produced in England c.1100-1200, which was a key period in the development of English historical writing and thought.

A number of manuscript case studies (including key examples from the collections of Lambeth Palace Library) will be used to identify the layers of decisions that scribes took in presenting historical time within the codex, to highlight the varying ways in which textual layout influenced audience engagement with the progression of historical time.

Ultimately, Rozier hopes to show some of the ways in which Anglo-Norman scribes and their readers understood the concept of historical time, and through this, to better understand some of the key the principles that underpinned the writing of some of the most important works in the development of English historical thought to the end of the Middle Ages.

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Image: Wiki Commons