Scholarly Editing for Historians: An Introduction and Guide to Working with Primary Texts

4 August 2023

RHS Workshop — ‘Scholarly Editing for Historians: An Introduction and Guide to Working with Primary Texts, 18 July 2023


In this Workshop, the editors of the RHS Camden Series — Richard Gaunt and Siobhan Talbott — share their extensive knowledge of producing scholarly editions and working with editors as they prepare primary texts for publication. They were joined by Jayne Gifford and Daniel Patterson who, as a recent contributors to the Camden Series, share their experience of identifying and producing a scholarly edition.

Part One of the Workshop (Video 1/3) offers a guide to getting started on a scholarly edition. Part Two offers more focused guidance for those currently working with a text for publication. Video 2/3 (‘Pre-1800’) covers working with medieval and early modern texts. Video 3/3 (‘Post-1800’) covers working with modern sources.

  • Richard Gaunt is Associate Professor in Modern British History at the University of Nottingham. With Siobhan Talbott, he is a Series Editor for the Royal Historical Society’s Camden Series — a collection of scholarly primary editions, edited by specialist historians.
  • Siobhan Talbott is Reader in Early Modern History at Keele University and, with Richard, is Series Editor for the RHS Camden Series, with responsibility for pre-modern content.
  • Jayne Gifford is Lecturer in Modern History and a specialist on British imperial rule in the twentieth century. She is co-editor of the Sir Earle Page’s British War Cabinet Diary, 1941-42 (2021), as part of the Society’s Camden Series.
  • Daniel Patterson is an Independent Scholar and the editor of The Diary of George Lloyd (1642-1718), for the Royal Historical Society’s Camden Series, published in 2022.