RHS Rees Davies Prize Winners

Emma Cavell (University of Cambridge)
‘Noblewomen and the medieval Welsh frontier: the Shropshire evidence.’

2008-2010 (not awarded)

Elizabeth Hunter (University of Oxford)
‘The Black Lines of Damnation: Melancholia and Reprobation in Reformation England.’

From 2013 this prize was awarded for the best dissertation submitted as part of a one year filltime (or two-year part-time) postgraduate Master’s degree in any United Kingdom institution of Higher Education.

Mara Gregory (University of Warwick)
“Beamed Directly to the Children”: School Broadcasting and Sex Education in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s.

From this point the prize is awarded for and presented in the year following submission.

Daniel Patterson (University of Warwick)
‘Becoming a man in Early Modern Britain: personal experiences of masculinity c. 1660 -1700’

Megan Johnston (Durham University)
‘Doing Neighbourhood: Practising Neighbourliness in the Diocese of Durham, 1624-31’

Ashley Atkins (University of St Andrews)
‘The authorship, function, and ideological origins of the Claim of Right of 1989’.

Amie Bolissian McRae (University of Reading)
‘“Second Childhood”: Old Age and Infirmity in Early Modern England’.

Robert Fitt (University of Birmingham)
‘Texan textbooks: Cranks, Conservatives and the Contest for America in High School History, 1976-1986’.

Alexandra Wingate (School of Advanced Study)
‘”Prosigue la libreria”: Understanding late seventeenth-century Navarrese Book Culture through Lorenzo Coroneu’s Bookstore’.

Tom Parkinson (University of Cambridge)
‘Space, Time and the Body: Muharram in Nineteenth-Century Singapore’.

Jamey Jesperson (Goldsmiths, University of London)
‘The brutal binary: deployments of colonial gender and queer indigenous elimination in the settlement of the North American west coast, 1769-1900’