Latest volume of ‘Transactions of the Royal Historical Society’ (2022) now available

17 November 2022

We are very pleased to announce publication of the new-look 2022 volume of the Transactions of the Royal Historical Society (volume 32, sixth series). The latest volume contains 11 articles and an Introduction from the Society’s President, Emma Griffin.

The 2022 volume includes a number of changes for the journal being the first:

  • to be edited by an external editorial team, led by the journal’s co-editors, Dr Harshan Kumarasingham (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Kate Smith (University of Birmingham)
  • to ‘open up’ the journal to include articles submitted by historians for consideration; this replaces the journal’s former policy, established in 1872, of limiting articles to those first delivered as lectures or papers to the Society
  • to be published in paperback print (as well as online), and to include a new design and cover illustration. This year’s cover — ‘Elephant and man’, by an unknown Burmese artist (1897 © The Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford) — illustrates Jonathan Saha’s article in the volume: ‘Accumulations and Cascades: Burmese Elephants and the Ecological Impact of British Imperialism’.

Publication of the 2022 volume also marks the 150th anniversary of the first volume of Transactions, which was published in November 1872. You can read more of the journal’s early years and development in Emma Griffin’s introductory essay, ‘An Anniversary and New Departure: Transactions, 1872–2022′.

To mark the 150th anniversary of the Transactions, and the changes introduced in 2022, please join us for a panel discussion, ‘Futures for the History Journal: Reflections and Projections’, at 5pm GMT on Tuesday 6 December. An international panel of historians, editors, digital innovators and publishers will discuss possible futures for the History journal, along with insights from an online audience. Booking for this event is now open.

Contributing to Transactions of the Royal Historical Society

Submissions to Transactions are welcome from historians at any time. As a ‘generalist’ journal, Transactions welcomes content covering all aspects of the global past, and is especially keen to receive articles reflecting interdisciplinary collaboration and new forms of historical practice. The editors also welcome a range of article formats, including shorter form articles, roundtables and statements on research methods and pedagogy in the profession, within and beyond the higher education sector.

Further information on the journal, and how to submit article for review, is available here.

New articles are published online soon after acceptance via the FirstView platform of Cambridge University Press. Articles then appear each November in the annual print volume of Transactions. The next volume (vol. 1, seventh series) will be published in November 2023.

Fellows and Members of the Royal Historical Society receive Transactions as a member benefit. All those requesting the print edition of TRHS (2022) will receive this by post from Cambridge University Press in late November / early December 2022.