RHS Teaching Portal


In November 2020 the RHS launched its Teaching Portal. The Portal provides a series of short, practical guides to tasks and career stages for History research students and teachers in higher education.

The Teaching includes over 50 articles written by experienced researchers, teachers and resource providers. Articles are themed ‘For Teachers’ and ‘For Students’; and by ‘Innovative Modules’, ‘Transition through HE’, ‘Careers’ and ‘Online Resources’.

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The Portal is an resource for teachers of history and a forum for debate and discussion about the pedagogy of our discipline. Additionally, it provides support in the face of unexpected challenges, such as adapting to digital learning in a pandemic.

The teaching portal is open to all: we hope its audience will be not just RHS Fellows and Members, but all teachers and students of history who wish to learn more and share their expertise, experience and insights.

We also welcome proposal for new articles.