‘What is History For?’

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Date / time: 12 May, 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Arts Building, Edgbaston Campus

'What is History For?'


This one-day hybrid conference explores what History is for, now. In a series of thematic panels which engage current issues in our contemporary world, we examine the value of History and the values that drive historians. Why is historical knowledge so important? What work can historical practice perform for us? What might a historical perspective allow us to see?

A public roundtable from 6-8 pm includes Professor Emma Griffin (President of the Royal Historical Society and History, University of East Anglia), Charlotte Holmes (Cultural Heritage Curator, National Trust, Midlands), Professor Matt Houlbrook (History, Birmingham) and Dr Kate Skinner (African Studies and Anthropology, Birmingham).

A day-conference includes the following speakers: Brad Argent (Head of International Programming at Ancestry), Simon Jackson (History, Birmingham), Tionne Parris (University of Hertfordshire), Jonathan Reinarz (History of Medicine, Birmingham), Lucie Ryzova (History, Birmingham) and Isaac Saney (Dalhousie University) and Frank Uekotter (History, Birmingham).

Click on the link to find out more and register: https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/schools/historycultures/departments/history/events/2022/what-is-history-for.aspx

Event Schedule

10 am – Coffee and Introductions

10.15-11.45 am –  Panel 1: ‘Pandemics & Crises’

11.45-12 – BREAK

12-1.30 pm –  Panel 2: ‘Public Engagement’

1.30-2.15 pm – LUNCH

2.15-3.45 pm –  Panel 3: ‘Race & Colonialism in an Age of Climate Crisis’

3.45-4 pm –  BREAK

4-5.30 pm –  Panel 4: ‘Afterlives’

5.30-6 pm – BREAK

6-8 pm – Roundtable discussion: ‘What is History For?’

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