The ‘Third World’ as an Effect of the Social Sciences

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Date / time: 31 January, 5:30 pm

Seminar Room, German Historical Institute

The 'Third World' as an Effect of the Social Sciences

Daniel Speich Chasse (Lucerne) will speak on “The ‘Third World’ as an Effect of the Social Sciences”

The lecture will analyse the history of the term ‘third world’ since the early 1950s. The guiding question is how a plural world full of economic differences turned into the orderly fiction of nation-states – ranked according to their GDP. What is the cost of quantification in global communication?

Daniel Speich Chasse is Professor of Global History at the University of Lucerne. His research interests lie in economic history, global history, the history of knowledge, environmental history, Swiss history, and modern African history. His publications include Die Erfindung des Bruttosozialprodukts: Globale Ungleichheit in der Wissengeschichte der Okonomie (2013) and (co-edited with Alexander Nutzenrade) Global Inequality after 2011 (2011).

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