The White Salt Industry: Production, Transport and Impacts

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Date / time: 20 October, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Lion Salt Works

The White Salt Industry: Production, Transport and Impacts

Why is there salt in Cheshire? How is is extracted and turned into “white salt”? How did – and does it – reach the customers? Speakers with a wide range of knowledge of their subjects will address these and related questions.

09:30 Registration starts

10:45 Introduction by Jonathan Aylen1

1:00 Saltscape Geology and Subsidence by Ros Todhunter

11:45 White Salt Production by Andrew Fielding

12:30 Buffet Lunch

13:15 White Salt Transport by Mike Nevell

14:00 Historical Wild Brine Pumping at Lion Salt Works by Juan Cunliffe

14:45 Coffee Break1

5.00 Historical Wild Brine Pumping at Murgatroyds Works Middlewich by Kerry Kirwan and Steve Broadfoot

15.45 Modern Controlled Brine Extraction by Jon Whieldon

16:30 Summary by Jonathan Aylen

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You will not need a museum ticket to attend the Symposium and the Symposium ticket does not include access to the museum.

The Symposium is organised by the North West Branch of the Newcomen Society (Registered Charity 215410 ), in association with Cheshire West Museums, the Lion Salt Works Trust and Middlewich Heritage Trust.