The Sussex Landscape Transformed: An Overview – CONFERENCE

Date / time: 14 October, 9:50 am - 4:40 pm

The Sussex Landscape Transformed: An Overview - CONFERENCE


Between the Neolithic and the twentieth century, we used our landscape in many different ways. In the morning we look mainly at how in Sussex, the people of the Neolithic, and Bronze Ages slowly adapted their use of dry chalklands of the South Downs and the clays and sandstones of the wetter and sheltered Weald with its resources such as iron and clay.

The Roman and Norman invasions result in two very different ways of managing the Sussex landscape which are imposed rather than largely evolved. Each adds its imprint on Sussex, some of which we can easily see today such as evidence of Roman roads and villas, and Norman castles, religious and urban foundations. The speed of change increases thereon, with the development of country estates, commercial agriculture with bigger farms, seaside resorts, turnpikes, railways and urban sprawl emerging as themes. In later events, some of the themes included in this introductory conference will be explored in greater depth.

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