The NHS and the Legacies of Empire – SYMPOSIUM

Date / time: 5 October - 6 October, 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

The NHS and the Legacies of Empire - SYMPOSIUM


This two-day international symposium marks the 75th anniversary of the British National Health Service (NHS) by focusing on a neglected theme in the organisation’s history, culture and current medical practices. ‘The NHS and the legacies of empire’ investigates the influence of race, colonialism and migration on different aspects of public health in the UK from 1948 through to the present day.

By showcasing recent scholarly research and community projects this symposium has four main aims:

  • To highlight how the NHS was established and developed during Britain’s transition from Empire to Commonwealth;
  • To understand better the impact of health inequalities on BME communities in the UK;
  • To compare the colonial legacies within the NHS with the modern German public health system; and
  • To debate the future of the NHS with BME health policy experts.

The symposium is jointly hosted with the Berliner Medizinhistorische Museum der Charité (Berlin Medical History Museum).

All welcome.

For further information about registration (either in-person or via zoom) please contact