The London Menagerie: Animals in London History, CfP: deadline 1 May 2023

Date / time: 1 May, 12:00 am

The London Menagerie: Animals in London History, CfP: deadline 1 May 2023

The London Menagerie: Animals in London History


Call for papers: deadline 1 May 2023 prior to 

The London Menagerie: Animals in London History: London and Middlesex Archaeological Society (LAMAS) Local History Conference

Saturday 18th November 2023, venue TBC


The theme of this one-day conference is animals in London history. The theme is intentionally broad to allow for wide and varied interpretations of the idea. We are interested in any of the relationships between animals, broadly defined, and London in any period of its history. By ‘animals’ we are referring to any non-human creatures, which could include mythical and/or fictional animals providing they are closely linked to the history of London.

The organisers of the conference are seeking proposals from local historians, academics, postgraduate students, and anyone with a scholarly interest in the history of London for engaging and accessible talks or presentations of around 20-25 minutes.  The LAMAS Local History Conference attracts a keen ‘general interest’ audience as well as many members of local history societies from across London and its surrounding counties who have more specialised interests.

Papers on any aspect of animals in London history are welcomed. Themes might include:

  • Service animals or working animals
  • Animals and entertainment
  • Animals and sport
  • Animal charities
  • Animals and war
  • Mythical animals
  • Animals and commerce
  • Animals dead or alive
  • Famous and infamous animals
  • Animals in political contexts
  • Care, treatment and housing of animals
  • Transportation of animals
  • Animals as companions

Proposals comprising an abstract of no more than 500 words should be sent, preferably via e-mail, to John Price or via the Department of History, Goldsmiths University of London, New Cross, London, SE14 6NW.

The closing date for proposals is Friday 1 May 2023. Speakers will be selected and contacted by the end of May 2023.