Study Day: The Work and Legacies of Charles Thomas Newton

Date / time: 12 June, 10:00 am - 5:30 pm


A cross disciplinary approach looking at the career and impact of the curator and classical archaeologist, Charles Thomas Newton, 1816 – 1894.

This event is free and more details can be found via the following link:

Parts of the study day will be online. The visit to the Greek and Roman store and study room / library won’t be.

A small amount of funding from the Institute of Classical Studies has been allocated to travel from people working (or volunteering) in Galleries, Libraries, Archives or Museums and PhD candidates outside of London so that they are able to attend. In order to apply for this travel bursary, please email with a few lines as to why the conference would be useful, where you are travelling from, and the approximate price of a ticket to arrive at the conference for 10am.