Shipwreck and the Sea in Early Modern Art and Culture: New Horizons and Watery Graves

Date / time: 20 June, 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


The Stories of the Gloucester: Norfolk’s Mary Rose

The discovery of the Gloucester warship off the coast of Great Yarmouth, wrecked while carrying a future King of England and Scotland in 1682, was announced to the world in June 2022. The shipwreck is hailed as the most significant historic maritime discovery since finding the Mary Rose in 1971.

In four events, curators of the Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery exhibition titled ‘The Last Voyage of the Gloucester: Norfolk’s Royal Shipwreck, 1682’, and experts in the field, will explore the Gloucester’s stories as they are told through music, literature and history, art, and textiles.

In the third event of the series, experts in maritime art and shipwreck culture explore how maritime disasters were used to explore and express a range of social, political, and cultural issues.


  • Chair Dr Francesca Vanke, Senior Curator, Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery
  • Dr Carl Thompson, Reader in Romanticism, University of Surrey
  • Dr Elsje van Kessel, School of Art History, University of St Andrews

This event will take place at Town Close Auditorium, Castle Street, Norwich NR1 3JU. For more information and to book tickets, please visit: