Revisioning the Past: The Artist/Designer as Historian

Date / time: 27 April, 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Revisioning the Past: The Artist/Designer as Historian


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Bringing together artists, designers and historians, this daylong symposium will add fresh perspective to debates on creative historiography:

Speakers will interrogate a range of artistic mediums, discussing the formal and stylistic qualities that offer the potential for communicating, in a new way, complex political, social and cultural ideas. Creative practitioners reflect on their own methods, skills and tacit knowledge, considering the similarities and differences – as compared to traditional historians – in their approach to historical subject matter. One panel reflects on collaborative research projects undertaken by creatives and historians; another is devoted to institutional perspectives on practice-research-histories (their status within universities, history journals and the Research Excellence Framework, REF). In the afternoon, two panels introduce a broad range of artistic methodologies, considering their potential as conveyors of innovative/challenging historical subject matter. The final panel focuses on new directions in creative history, bringing together PhD researchers in a discussion of their current projects and creative approaches to history.

The symposium is jointly organised by the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, University of Portsmouth, and Department of History (Historical Studies), University of Bristol.

Any questions, contact organisers, Olly Gruner (, Louis Netter ( and Will Pooley (