Rethinking Atheism in the Early Modern World

Date / time: 31 March, 8:30 am - 6:00 pm

Rethinking Atheism in the Early Modern World | An Interdisciplinary Workshop | Friday 31 March 2023 | To be held online via Zoom

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Scholars are increasingly revealing the multifarious ways in which people in the past have understood and experienced atheism, uncovering narratives of those who seemed to live as if there were no God, those who denied the existence of God outright, those who wrestled with grave doubts about religious principles or practices, and those who endured, embraced, resisted, or surrendered to moments of uncertainty, pangs of unbelief, or absences of faith that called God into question. This workshop further develops novel approaches to atheism in the early modern world: In what ways have people perceived, interpreted, and encountered atheism and atheists? How have people described, depicted, or engaged with atheism through textual and non-textual means? To what extent can scholars study atheism as lived experience? What can past ‘atheisms’ tell us about present religious and non-religious identities? How can we continue to reinvigorate the study of atheism in early modern history?

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Image: Wiki Commons