Nations & Modernities (Centre for Comparative Modernities) – WORKSHOP

Date / time: 26 March, 1:00 pm

Nations & Modernities (Centre for Comparative Modernities) - WORKSHOP


The Centre for Comparative Modernities is delighted to announce the final workshop of its 2024 spring term workshop series on 26 March 2024. Please note all sessions in this series will be online on Zoom at 13:00 UK time.

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 948 8192 7692
Passcode: 571310

The Draft History of Qing (清史稿 Qingshigao) – A Hybrid of Dynastic and ‘Modern’ History Writings
Yu Jiarui, Durham University

Analysing the Ancient Indian Nation-State: Parallels with the Modern Westphalian Model in the 21st Century
Aditi Basu, Independent Researcher

Modernization in the Southern Cone: National Identity Myths and Developmentalism in Argentina 1958-1962
Fernando Alejandro Remache-Vinueza, University of Bremen

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