Museum of Army Flying Lecture Series

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Date / time: 22 September - 15 December, 12:00 am

Museum of Army Flying

Museum of Army Flying Lecture Series

All lectures commence at 7pm. Tickets £10

22 September 2016: Winning the Schneider Trophy

Paul Beaver marks 85 years since the UK won the coveted trophy for speed when the High Speed Flight secure4d its third outright win.

20 October 2016: Test Pilots: Then and Now

27 November 2016: Winkle: Life at Full Throttle

Paul Beaver interviews the daughters of the 2nd man to fly the Spitfire prototype, Supermarine’s Chief Test Pilot, a Test-Pilot and more in a fantastic VIP line-up

15 December 2016: Who sank the Tirpitz?

This debate has raged for 70 years. It was a Lancaster, but from which squadron? No. IX or No. 617? Paul Beaver debates the facts.

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