Medieval migration: mapping the foreigner 1300-1550

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Date / time: 19 July, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Events Space, The National Archives

Medieval migration: mapping the foreigner 1300-1550

Arriving from the widest reaches of Europe and beyond, England became home to hundreds of thousands of new residents between 1300 and 1550. From aristocrats to refugees, many came in search of work and rapidly adapted to English life.

We know a remarkable amount about these immigrants due to taxes on ‘alien residents’ between 1440 and 1487, the records for which survive at The National Archives. Professor Mark Ormrod (University of York) will unpack their personal stories and also look at the contribution of the immigrants to English social and economic life, and how it was fundamentally changed by their presence.

This talk is part of the Summer Lecture Series exploring the theme ‘Mapping and movement: people, place and power’, which is generously sponsored by the Friends of The National Archives and supported by the Royal Historical Society.