Mass Violence in the (Post-)Ottoman Lands – SYMPOSIUM

Date / time: 6 September, 1:45 pm - 8:30 pm

Mass Violence in the (Post-)Ottoman Lands - SYMPOSIUM


From the late nineteenth century, the Ottoman Empire came under the increasing strains of both internal upheavals and external pressure from great power rivals, culminating in the Empire’s disintegration following defeat in the First World War. Increasing acts of mass violence accompanied this political instability, most notably the Armenian Genocide. Hosted by the Centre for the Study of Violence at the University of Newcastle (Australia), this online Symposium interrogates the causes, processes and consequences of mass violence in the (Post-)Ottoman lands. It asks:

  • What were the macro and micro causes of mass violence?
  • Who was targeted for inclusion in the Ottoman state (and its successors), and who for exclusion?
  • What methods did rival nationalists employ to achieve national homogeneity, from co-option and assimilation to exile and extermination?
  • How did ‘everyday’ Ottoman and post-Ottoman subjects respond?
  • What role did civilians and other non-state actors play in mass violence?
  • How have the causes of mass violence continued to resonate in post-Ottoman states? and
  • What restrained mass violence at moments when conditions seemingly lent themselves to outbreaks?

Papers will be held live on Zoom. For more information and to join online, please see the link below. Sessions will subsequently be recorded and posted to the History@Newcastle YouTube channel.


Image: Wiki Commons