Lost in Translation? Ibn Fadlan and the Great Unwashed

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Date / time: 14 March - 15 March, 12:00 am

MBI Al Jaber Building, Corpus Christi College

Lost in Translation? Ibn Fadlan and the Great Unwashed

Ibn Fadlan’s vivid eye-witness report of his mission to the Bulgars on the Middle Volga in 921/2 is probably one of the most widely known and intensively studied of early Arabic texts. Yet the importance of Ibn Fadlan and his mission has yet to receive a full and rounded assessment.

Our two-day interdisciplinary conference will draw on historians, numismatists, textual scholars and archaeologists and will attempt to set Ibn Fadlan’s account within the broader context of tenth-century Europe, the Islamic world and the Eurasian steppes.

Speakers include:

Irina Arzhantseva, Moscow; Jean-Charles Ducène, Paris; Heinrich Härke, Tübingen/Reading; Thórir Jónsson Hraundal, Iceland; Evgeniy Kazakov, Tatarstan Academy of Sciences; Hugh Kennedy, SOAS; Roman Kovalev, College of New Jersey; Viacheslav Kuleshov, State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg; James Montgomery, Cambridge; Veronika Murasheva, State Historical Museum, Moscow; Leonard Nedashkovsky, Kazan Federal University; Walter Pohl, Vienna; Neil Price, Uppsala; Søren Michael Sindbæk, Aarhus; Ian Wood, Leeds.

Further details, including how to register, are available from the Dirhams for Slaves website: http://krc.orient.ox.ac.uk/dirhamsforslaves/index.php/en/