KCBH Annual Conference: Britain’s Futures

Date / time: 9 July, 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

KCBH Annual Conference: Britain's Futures

This is the third annual conference of King’s Contemporary British History (KCBH). We will again be running a new kind of conference – designed to generate engaged discussion. Our aim is not to provide a vehicle for the presentation for new research, but rather to generate discussion and reflection, to revisit major debates and positions and ask where they stand now. These conversations will be grounded in the current political moment, looking to the future as much as the past. We have invited speakers to stimulate general discussions with brief presentations – our aim is, once again, to generate a collective conversation.

This year our theme will Britain’s Futures – the ways in which hoped for or feared futures were articulated. Our expectation is that a discussion focused on the projects, promises and plans of the past will enrich our collective understanding of both British history and how it has been written. At a time when the country may be launched on a project without a plan, only promises, it is time to look back at twentieth century British history through this lens.Our four themed discussions, on National and Imperial futures, Social futures, Economic futures, and Political futures, will be led by, among others: Clarisse Berthezène, Lise Butler, Sabine Clarke, Alana Harris, Kit Kowol, Helen McCarthy, Charlotte Lydia Riley, Emily Robinson, Catherine Schenk, Bill Schwarz, Peter Sloman, and Richard Toye.

PIMLOTT LECTURE: On the evening of 9 July, KCBH will co-host the Ben Pimlott Memorial Lecture 2019, with Twentieth Century British History and OUP Journals. Professor Patricia Clavin will deliver the lecture, which will be entitled, ‘Britain and the making of Global Order after 1919’.

WORKSHOP: On the morning of 10 July, we will be launching new books on urban history by Guy Ortolano, Simon Gunn, and Otto Saumarez Smith.

PhD BURSARIES: We intend to offer a small number of bursaries for UK-based doctoral students to attend the event. Please write to conor.morrissey@kcl.ac.uk with an expression of interest.

TICKETS: This event is free, but booking is essential: Please follow the following link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kcbh-2019-conference-britains-futures-projects-promises-and-plans-in-the-twentieth-century-tickets-59446390755

More information on the King’s Contemporary British History can be found on our website: https://kcbh.kcl.ac.uk/. You can follow us on Twitter @KingsCBH