Ideas, Intellectuals and the Great War

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Date / time: 10 September - 11 September, All day

Joint Services Command and Staff College

Ideas, Intellectuals and the Great War

In September, the First World War Research Group in the Defence Studies Department, King’s College London at the Joint Services Command and Staff College, will host a Symposium on Ideas, Intellectuals, and the Great War.

The Symposium is intended to be interdisciplinary in nature.  Presenters are also encouraged to either answer original questions and/or offer new perspectives on established debates.  Research areas of interest include:

1.    Who were the leading intellectuals in Europe, North America, and the rest of the world during the First World War?

2.    How did the war affect intellectuals?

3.    How did intellectuals react to the war through their work and what influence did they have on changing political and social attitudes nationally and/or internationally?

4.    How were ideas and intellectuals used by the various belligerent powers to support national aims and objectives during the war?

5.    In what ways did philosophical engagement in war-related issues challenge traditional understanding of politics, economics, and social attitudes and values?

6.    To what extend did the war change the relationship between the intellectual elite and the general public?

7.    When and where did intellectuals exert the most influence through their work—before, during, or after the Great War?

Call for Papers-Ideas, Intellectuals, and the Great War Symposium at the JSCSC

The symposium will be held at the JSCSC on Thursday and Friday, 10-11 September 2015.  Researchers from all relevant disciplines are encouraged to submit original work on the symposium’s general theme of intellectuals and the First World War.  The best papers will be selected for publication.

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