German Historical Institute: Spring Term Seminars

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Date / time: 16 May - 4 July, 5:30 pm

Conference Room, German Historical Institute

German Historical Institute: Spring Term Seminars

Migration, Citizenship and Welfare in British History series

16 May 2017:  Andrew Thompson (Exeter) ‘The Making of Multiculturalism: Post-War Immigration in Britain and France and the Global Dynamics of Decolonization

13 June 2017: W Mark Ormrod (York) ‘England’s Immigrants, 1330-1550: Defining the Rights of Aliens in Later Medieval England’

20 June 2017: William O’Reilly (Cambridge) ‘Strangers, Subjects, Citizens: Changing Attitudes to Immigrants in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century England’

4 July 2017: Diane Frost (Liverpool) ‘Work, Community and Exclusion: West African Seafarers in Early Twentieth-Century Liverpool’

Please check for any last-minute changes on 020 7309 2050 (tel) or visit:

Tea is served from 5.00pm in the Common Room, and wine is available afterwards.