German Historical Institute Seminars

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Date / time: 3 October - 5 December, 5:30 pm

German Historical Institute, London

German Historical Institute Seminars

Seminars Autumn 2017

3 October 2017  

Dagmar Ellerbrock (Dresden): Trigger-Happy Germans? How to Explain the Transformation of German Gun Culture in the Twentieth Century

17 October 2017

Alexandra Walsham (Cambridge): Recycling the Sacred: Material Culture and Cultural Memory after the English Reformation

14 November 2017

Jan Eckel (Tubingen): New Perspectives on the History of International Politics in the Twentieth Century

30 November 2017

Norman Domeier (Stuttgart): The Secret Cooperation between Associated Press and Nazi Germany 1942-1945

5 December 2017 

Frances Andrews (St Andrews): Medieval Europe through Monastic Eyes


For further information tel. 020 7309 2050 or visit

Seminars are held at 5.30pm in the Seminar Room of the German Historical Institute, 17 Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2NJ. No registration is necessary.

Tea is available from 5pm in the Common Room and wine is served after the seminars.