German Historical Institute Seminars Summer 2016

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Date / time: 3 May - 21 June, 12:00 am

Seminar Room, German Historical Institute

German Historical Institute Seminars Summer 2016
Narrating the Nineteenth Century: New Approaches


3 May 2016 – Richard J Evans (Cambridge)  Writing the History of Nineteenth-Century Europe

17 May 2016 – Willibald Steinmetz (Bielefeld) Writing a History of Nineteenth-Century Europe: Challenges, Conundrums, Complexities

26 May 2016 – Uffa Jensen (Berlin)  Did Freud Really Invent Psychoanalysis? A Global History in Berlin, London, and Calcutta 1910-1940

31 May 2016 – Johannes Paulmann (Mainz)  How Close is the Nineteenth Century? Contemporary Reflections on a History of Europe

21 June (David Cannadine (Princeton)  Rewriting the British Nineteenth Century

Seminars are held at 5.30pm in the Seminar Room at the German Historical Institute, 17 Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2NJ

Please check for any last minute changes on 020 7309 2050  or visit: