Gerald Aylmer Seminar: Digital and the Archive

Date / time: 22 February, 9:15 am - 4:45 pm

Gerald Aylmer Seminar: Digital and the Archive

The Gerald Aylmer Seminar is an annual one-day symposium jointly convened by The National Archives, the Royal Historical Society and the Institute of Historical Research. Running since 2002, the seminars are held in memory of Gerald Aylmer (1926-2000), who was president of the Royal Historical Society and Chairman of the Historical Manuscripts Commission.

The purpose of the Gerald Aylmer Seminar is to bring together historians and archivists to discuss topics of mutual interest, particularly the nature of archival research and the use of collections.

Digital and the Archive: preservation, research and engagement

The impact of digital technology on archives and historical research is not a new subject of discussion. For many years now questions have been raised about how information can be effectively preserved and accessed in a digital age and how digital methodologies have fundamentally changed the ways in which a subject can be researched and visualised. It has become clear, however, that we are not on a relatively quick linear progression from analogue to digital, but instead that we will be living in a world of hybrid archives and research for the foreseeable future.

As we embrace this ‘state of becoming’, the Gerald Aylmer Seminar 2019 seeks to provide a forum to raise and debate digital problems, discuss how the academic and archive sector can work together to address these issues, and address how the value of the archives can be unlocked through innovative research and engagement.

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Location: The National Archives, Bessant Drive, Richmond TW9 4DU