Gender, Memory and Documentary Culture, 900-1200

Date / time: 28 June - 29 June, All day

Gender, Memory and Documentary Culture, 900-1200

John Rylands Research Institute Annual Conference

Rylands Library, Manchester, 28 June – 29 June 2019

This conference brings together aspects of gender and documentary culture between the tenth and twelfth centuries that we believe inform and engage each other, but are often studied in isolation. Although the field of medieval gender studies is an active and well-populated one, less attention is given to the role gender played in the commissioning, use and preservation of documents, whether manuscript books or other types of documentary materials.

Did medieval men and women interact with documentary culture in the same way? The texture of the relationship between gender and documentary culture has yet to be teased out, and it is hoped that this conference will provide an ideal forum to advance this field.

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